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Technical articles

In 2019 CyberColloids commenced the year long EPA funded Green Enterprise project BIOSCOPE - Scoping potential food waste in the Irish fruit & vegetable supply chain.

The study aims to (i) scope the extent to which fruit and vegetables are lost or wasted from the food supply chain in Ireland; (ii) identify the current strategies and barriers for disposal and/or reuse; (iii) screen targeted resources for potential upgrade into new food fibre ingredients and (iv) offer recommendations to the Irish industry that will aid in developing waste management and sustainablity programmes.

Reports for this project are linked below;



Biosynth Carbosynth offer an impressive collection of specialty chemicals and offer custom chemical production. They manufacture and source chemical and biochemical products and in the carbohdyrate field offer monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. They also specialise in nucleosides, antimicrobials, APIs, enzyme substrates and natural products.

This section provides a number of articles on emulsion science written by Dr Lisa Zychowski.