Pectin Basics – Strength and weaknesses

Pectin basics


Increasing knowledge of the interaction of pectins with other hydrocolloids is opening opportunity for its use as a more tailored polymer than previous uses. This combined with a ‘natural’ perception and new information about its prebiotic and metabolic activities may allow its uses to broaden from the bulk polymer to finer, triggered responses.


Difficulty in extraction and characterisation of the polymer combined with numerous sources of differing compositions makes R&D difficult as any development may find variation with a different pectin source.


An understanding of pectin gelation in terms of the overall molecule as opposed solely to the associating areas may allow the expansion of pectin uses beyond their quite macroscopic behaviours to a more functionalised approach. The inherent properties of pectins have not been fully explored and can, when researched, show some novel and timely applicabilities.

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