Meet the Team

Ross Campbell

Ross graduated in Chemistry and Business studies in 1978. Since then he has been involved with several companies in business development and research predominantly in food texture. After heading up a Unilever food gums business unit he cofounded CyberColloids in 2002 with 3 Unilever colleagues.

Dr Kevin Philp

Kevin did his PhD on the chemistry of alginate and then worked for seven years on cellulosics R & D focusing mainly on HPMC structure and functionality. This was followed by six years as the development manager for Quest International working mainly on carrageenan factory development and seaweed processing as well as galactomannan stucture function understanding. Kevin Joined CyberColloids in 2002.

Dr Angie Trius

Angie is a doctor in veterinary medicine and obtained a Masters degree in Meat Science at Iowa State University (1994). She worked at Quest International (a Unilever Company) as Meat and Meals technologist in the Food Science and Technology centre (1995-1998). She progressed within Quest and took various challenges as Application Manager Savoury (1998-1999), Hydrocolloids Regional Product group manager (1999-2000) and Global Culinary Marketing manager (2001-2002). She is one of the founders and managers of CyberColloids Ltd.

Dr Mariel Brooks

Mariel obtained her first degree in Chemistry from Galway in 1990. At the same University she studied for her Ph.D. in the area of carbohydrate chemistry. After obtaining her Ph.D. in 1995 she worked at the University as analyst/researcher developing high performance anion exchange chromatography. In July 1995 Mariel joined the pharmaceutical company Pinewood Healthcare as Validation Coordinator. In 1996 Mariel joined Quest International (Ireland) as Hydrocolloids Process & Product Development Chemist. While in Quest Mariel worked in various areas including galactomannan development and carrageenan factory development. Mariel joined Cybercolloids in 2003.

Dr Sarah Hotchkiss

Sarah has a PhD in Marine Botany from the University of Adelaide (2000) and a research background in the biology, ecology & taxonomy of seaweeds. Since joining CyberColloids in 2006 she has been actively involved in a wide range of projects that have focussed on finding novel or value added uses for seaweed, particularly for health, nutrition and flavour. Sarah is Projects Manager at CyberColloids and the primary contact for the company’s externally funded (EU and National) research projects.

Sean Garvey

Sean graduated University College Cork in 2018 with a BSc in Nutritional Sciences, he went on to do an MSc by research which he completed in 2021. Sean’s main research areas in his MSc were plant-based meat alternatives and product reformulations, focusing on additive reduction in meat products. Sean has a keen interest in product and recipe reformulation and development as well as much experience in sensory science and analysis of foods.

Dr Halimah Baruwa

Halimah joined CyberColloids in 2023. She graduated with an MSc in Food Microbiology in 2015 from University College Cork. Halimah spent time working as a researcher before going on to do a PhD in Food Science and Technology at UCC (awarded in 2024) where her research area focused on the use of seaweed species as fat as salt replacers in meat products. Halimah has a keen interest in sensory science and product reformulation and also has experience in food analysis and product development.