Our Story

CyberColloids was developed from a vision to form a global centre of excellence for hydrocolloids.

CyberColloids is a unique organisation devoted to bringing hydrocolloid innovation to industry with a view to enable companies to cost effectively add value through research and development.

Who we are

CyberColloids was formed by a group of individuals who have all had many years experience in the industry and have brought their expertise together to be able to offer a unique service to the hydrocolloids end user and producer. Founded in 2002, CyberColloids has grown to employ eleven staff and has its own dedicated laboratory facilities.

CyberColloids is based in Ireland (Cork) but with some members based in the UK and providing services worldwide. CyberColloids has a global client base that reaches across Europe, USA, South America, India and South East Asia.

What we provide

CyberColloids offers a range of services covering research, innovation, manufacturing excellence, process and product development as well as business and technical marketing support.

It is possible to engage CyberColloids in a number of ways.