How we work with you

The CyberColloids team represents a myriad of different hydrocolloid experiences with team members coming from a range of hydrocolloid industries.

This unique mix provides the ideal environment for groundbreaking innovation that can be utilised to develop your hydrocolloid business.

Getting started

An initial discussion is carried out with potential clients, typically after confidentiality agreements have been signed, to establish the needs of the customer. Once the scope of the project has been agreed and the type of relationship defined CyberColloids puts together a project brief which gives the technical details of the project along with costs, time frame and payment terms. In each case projects link clients with the expertise in CyberColloids without the client incurring additional headcount.

Working with us

It is possible to engage CyberColloids in a number of different ways. Typically relationships with companies are on a project-by-project basis or a longer retainer-type relationship, but we are flexible, so customisation to meet client needs is possible.

Project-by-project relationships tend to be shorter term and address specific questions or clients’ needs. Projects have a set duration with defined milestones and goals from the beginning to end, clear costs and deliverables.
Longer term retainer-type relationships are typically for clients that are embarking on a new area or require guaranteed, ongoing access to CyberColloids’ business and technical expertise. The arrangement can be open ended or have a defined timeframe but with milestones and goals that evolve with the client’s needs. CyberColloids can become involved in strategic planning within the client company if necessary and/or deliver project handover and training in order to build inhouse capability at the client company. Long term relationships also offer a significant reduction in labour costs.

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