Food Technology R&D

CyberColloids delivers texture solutions in a variety of food formulations such as dairy, meat, savoury and bakery, and non-food applications for example pet food, personal care or other industrial applications.

Food formulations

Our team can help customers with food product development. We have many years of expertise in dairy, savoury and bakery applications as well as in emerging food markets like vegan meat and seafood.

You can find some useful recipes in our website library:

Some examples of food application projects include improving laminated dough fluffiness with modified guars, making creamy low-fat mayonnaise with novel fibres or creating vegan meats with a unique gelling fibre from waste streams.

Marketing and benchmarking

CyberColloids can assist with product positioning within the market and verification of functionality in application as well as benchmarking against competitor products, thus helping you to build a technical sales story for your product.

How we have helped with food R&D