How we have helped with food R&D

CyberColloids has decades of experience providing solutions for our clients. Our focus is meeting client needs in a way that enhances success.
Below are some examples

Carrageenan rationalisation.

A major multinational approached CyberColloids to rationalise their purchasing of carrageenan.

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Food hydrocolloid batch-to-batch variation.

The challenge in this project was to understand the rheological behavioural differences of various samples of a particular hydrocolloid and relate this behaviour back to processing.

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Novel fat replacer assessment.

A European company had developed a new fat replacement ingredient and required assistance in identifying its potential uses and applications.

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Galactomannan technical & marketing development

CyberColloids were employed on a long term contract in order to aid a client with processing, technical product assessment and market development of their product range.

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Product replication

A major multinational food company engaged CyberColloids to replicate a fruit based snack developed by the company.

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Vegetarian burger

CyberColloids was contacted by a small company who was trying to make vegetarian, gluten-free burgers but were having difficulty getting the burgers to bind.

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Chocolate milk

CyberColloids was contacted by a client who was having trouble stabilising a chocolate milk.

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