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CyberColloids is firmly rooted in the business world with many years of experience in business development and strategic planning. We can support your team in many areas.

Food industry reports

We have produced a number of food Industry reports that have become a valuable reference for our clients. To date these reports have covered the carrageenan, pectin and functionalised fibres markets. Based on information gathered from industry contacts, the reports provide an overview of global markets, key players and headline industry news.

These reports are available to buy through this website


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Strategic reviews

We are not market analysts, but we can help to define markets and market potential for new ingredients & end products. By tracking & evaluating NPD in different sectors and benchmarking new ingredients & products, we can advise on market positioning.

We can also help suppliers and processors of raw materials to scope the potential for value creation. For example, finding new opportunities for waste streams, by-products and underutilised materials.


We offer training modules for most hydrocolloids as well as bespoke training programmes for hydrocolloid producers and users. The training modules include a comprehensive review of sources, chemistry, production, product grades, manufacturers, properties and markets and uses of hydrocolloids. Training can be delivered online or in person depending on your needs. Specific training in rheology measurements and other laboratory techniques to assess functionality of hydrocolloids and fiber ingredients is also available.

CyberColloids offers bespoke training programmes for specific needs.  Please contact us to discuss.

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