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Basic molecular structure of agar. Source CyberColloids (2004)

agar structure

Polyguluronic acid chains as found in segments of alginate (2004)

polyguluronic acid structure

Structure of polymannuronic acid segments found in alginate (2004)

Polymannuronic acid structure

A historic Carob kibbler used on farming estates in the mediteranean (2004)

carob kibbler

Open carob pod (black & white version) (2004)

open carob pod

An agricultural store of Carob pods for animal feed in the mediteranean (2004)

carob store

Open carob pods.  Source CyberColloids (2004)

Open carob pods

Ripe green Carob pods growing on a tree in Majorca. Source CyberColloids (2003)

Green carob pods

Carob pods and seed (2004)

carob pods & seeds

Carob splits produced by breaking open the seed and removing the seed coat and germ (2004)

carob split

A wild Carob tree from Majorca (2004)

carob tree

A wild Carob tree in Majorca (2004)

wild carob tree

A large Carob tree on an estate in Majorca (2004)

Carob tree

Stained cells from Eucheuma cottonii in semi refined carrageenan (2004)

Iodine stain carrageenan

Carrageenan milk protein interaction.  Source CyberColloids (2004)

Carrageenan milk protein interaction

Carrageenan production flow chart. Source CyberColloids (2004)

Carrageenan production flow chart

Stained guar (forward) and LBG (rear) cells.  Guar shows clear pallisade layer. Source CyberColloids (2004)

Guar and LBG cells

Guar pods and seeds (2004)

Guar pods and seed

Guar splits (2004)

Guar splits

Young konjac plant ready for planting out.  Source Andi Johnson (2004)

Konjac plant

Konjac tubers. Source Andi Johnson (2004)

Konjac corms

Konjac plantation in China. Source Andi Johnson (2004)

Konjac plantation

Sprouting konjac tubers.  Copyright Andi Johnson and CyberColloids (2004)

Konjac tubers

Molecular structure of locust bean gum (LBG). Source CyberColloids (2004)

LBG structure

Montage of pectin sources (2004)

Pectin sources

All images are copyrighted by either CyberColloids or the original owner. If you wish to use any of the images or obtain high resolution copies please contact

Ascophyllum nodosum

Source Cybercolloids (2003)


Fucus seaweed (2004)


Furcellaria lumbricalis also known as Fucellaria fastigata from the Baltic coast (2004)

Furcellaria lumbricalis

Gigartina skottsbergii from Hookers point, Falkland Island (2005)

Gigartina skottsbergii

Dried Gracilaria used in agar production (2004)


Shore cast Laminaria off the coast of Ireland (2004)

Shore cast laminaria

Laminaria on the shores of Ireland.  Source CyberColloids (2004)

Shore cast laminaria

Shore cast Laminaria (2004)


Mixed seaweeds growing in the intertidal region on the coast of Ireland (2004)

Mixed seaweed

Micrographs from CSLM of 10% wt WPI gels in 24 mM CaCl2 (top) alone and (bottom) in the presence of 1% wt κ-carrageenan. White areas correspond to fluorescently-labelled protein. (top) shows a comparatively homogeneous network of agglomerated protein.

Segregative interactions

Birefringence of corn starch under cross polarised light at 400x magnification (2004)

Corn starch birefringence

Corn starch granules at 1000 magnification (2004)

Corn starch granules

Optical microscopy at 1000 magnification plus computer enhancement (2004)

Damaged potato starch

Potato starch granules on an optical microscope at 1000 magnification (2004)

Potato starch

Rice starch at 1000 magnification (2004)

Rice starch