Seaweed Research at CyberColloids

For many years we have been working with companies and research groups to unlock the full potential of seaweed. The focus has always been on making the most of the resource and creating value.

For an overview of our research click here and see below for some examples of projects from all stages of the value chain.

Innovation in global carrageenan and agar processing sectors

We have provided expertise to a number of companies, in particular with a view to improving process efficiency and new product development.

Seaweed processing in South East Asia

Working with our engineering partners, we have designed and commissioned new factories for the production of refined & semi-refined carrageenan and agar.

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Adding value to seaweed resources

We are regularly asked to help companies to identify strategic options for value creation. We have worked with a number of European and Global clients in the food, agriculture & horticulture and other interesting markets.

Evaluation & market positioning for new seaweed ingredients

With the global drive towards the use of “healthier”, “more natural” food ingredients, seaweed has hit the limelight. We have evaluated a range of different ingredients for companies of all sizes.

Seaweed for health

A key focus for our EU and nationally funded research activities. Projects have focussed on fibres & extracts for gut and metabolic health (HYFFI, SEAHEALTH), bioactive rich extracts with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential (SWAFAX), naturally flavoursome extracts for salt reduction (TASTE, FUSION I) and anticancer potential (FUSION II). We have also participated in projects with a focus on developing biorefinery style approaches to processing seaweed (SEAREFINERY, MINERVA). To find out more about these projects please click on the links or search our library.

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