The HYFFI project


The first EU funded project that CyberColloids participated in was aimed at developing new, low molecular weight (LMW) agar and alginates for potential for use in health & wellness products; to screen them in vitro for beneficial effects on gut microflora and SCFA (short chain fatty acid) production and to validate selected candidates in vivo for prebiotic efficacy.


19 different LMW products were produced by CyberColloids and screened in vitro by the University of Reading, UK. 2 were chosen for in vivo evaluation at the University of Ulster, UK. CyberColloids participation in the project enabled the SME partners to develop new capability in the production of LMW products for use in the food, horticulture and animal feed sectors. Click here for more information.

For more detail on the research findings see –

  • Bannon et al (2021) Low‐Molecular‐Weight Seaweed‐Derived Polysaccharides Lead to Increased Faecal Bulk but Do Not Alter Human Gut Health Markers. Foods. 10, 2988.
  • Ramnani et al (2012). “In vitro fermentation and prebiotic potential of novel low molecular weight polysaccharides derived from agar and alginate seaweeds”, Anaerobe, Feb;18(1):1-6.

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