Investigation of the flavouring and taste components of Irish seaweed


CyberColloids recognised a significant commercial opportunity to develop high-value food products from Irish seaweed that were not only nutritious but tasty and appealing to western consumers. To realise this opportunity however, the company needed to engage in new research and was successful in securing Irish funding through the Industry Led Marine Research Sub-Programme.


The project was highly successful with the development of an extensive new knowledge base in the area of flavour and flavour development in foodstuffs, specifically seaweeds but transferable to other foods; the acquisition of a new capability to assess the unique flavours of Irish seaweeds through the development and use of a flavour language for seaweeds; and the development of a range of concept recipes and products of which one was commercialised with the help of an Irish food company – OHCo. Ltd., Co Wicklow.

A full Seaweed Flavour report is available for free download here