Upgrading Biomass Research

For over 15 years, CyberColloids has been developing processes for the production of new food fibres and texture ingredients, mostly from the by-products of processing, discarded or undervalued resources. Thus, delivering solutions to reduce the environmental and financial burden of waste and create value.

We have worked on a wide range of biomass resources from around the world, with companies and as part of our funded research activities.

Here are some examples :

Fruit & vegetable waste.

The challenge in this project was to process fruit and vegetable wastes to give a product with unique gelling and thickening abilities. Read more here…

Food waste in the Irish fruit & vegetable supply chain.

Through a series of EPA funded projects, we have explored the potential to upgrade biomass from the Irish fruit & vegetable supply chain. In any year, an estimated 45-70% of key Irish vegetable crops are wasted which represents a significant biomass resource for upgrade. Read more here

You can download a summary of our food fibres research here

Creating healthier food options for Welsh school children.

In this SBRI UK funded project we developed an apple fibre from processing by-products that could be used to reduce the fat content of selected school food items. Read more hereā€¦

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