Texture solutions for plant based foods

The current drive for plant based foods has had a major impact on our day to day work, with more and different companies wishing to explore plant based options. As texture specialists there is a lot that we can offer in this space. From creating meat & fish-like textures to improving the mouthfeel and creaminess of non-dairy products.

Some examples of our research projects are given below –

Evaluating new protein ingredients for use in high quality plant based foods: as part of the EU funded (Protein2Food) project. CyberColloids’ role was to evaluate the functional properties of new proteins and assess their use in high protein snacks, vegetarian burgers and vegan seafood.

Improving texture in plant based meat analogues: in using high moisture extrusion to produce fibrous meat analogues, a number of challenges were identified. CyberColloids brought necessary expertise in hydrocolloid chemistry to address issues of texture and juiciness (EU funded LIKEMEAT project).

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