Yogurt dressing

A yogurt style salad dressing.  While xanthan is very pH stable, guar is not as stable at low pH, therefore it is important to fully hydrate the guar prior to acid addition. This helps retain some functionality at lower pH. Tween 60 is a very effective emulsifier but it is not acceptable in all countries. A more label friendly alternative would be egg yolk with or without some mustard powder.

Recipe Procedure

Add the water, dry ingredients, acid and tween to the bowl and mix well. Heat to 40C. Add the oil over a one minute period with stirring at 6000rpm.  Heat to 85C, cool and pack off.

Recipe Formulation

Sunflower oil20
Acetic acid (12%)3.1
Modified starch2.8
Iota carrageenan0.25
Guar gum0.12
Tween 600.1
Xanthan gum0.04

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