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Potato croquettes

Potato croquettes are mashed potato products which are battered and flash fried. The majority of commercial croquettes are sold frozen and cooked from frozen. Therefore an adequate stabiliser such as HPMC is needed to prevent the croquettes from bursting or leaking on cooking.

Recipe Procedure

Potatoes are cooked and mashed whilst hot. A blend of dry potato flake, salt, spices and stabilizer (HPMC) is then added to the mash and mixed well. The coquette shape is formed using an extruder. The croquettes are bettered and rolled in breadcrumbs. They are then flash fried for approx. 40 seconds at 180°C. They potato croquettes are then stored at -20°C.

Recipe Formulation

Mashed potato80.5
Potato Flake9