Pimiento is a variety of chilli pepper. This type of pepper is used as a stuffing in Spanish green olives. Traditionally these red peppers were cut to size and hand stuffed into the olives.

However, in industry it is most common to gel a pimiento purée and use a specialised machine to pith the olive and fill it with the gelled pimiento purée.  The pimiento purée does not gel until it is dipped in the calcium chloride bath.

NOTE: CyberColloids helped to develop a unique patented citrus fiber, which like alginate, gels in the presence of calcium ions. This citrus fiber has the advantage of being a clean label ingredient (citrus fiber) unlike alginate which is an additive and thus requires an E number (E401). Should you require further information on this innovative ingredient please contact us.

Recipe Procedure

Add a dry mix of alginate and guar gum to water at 35°C and mix for 20 minutes.  Add the pimiento concentrate to this solution and mix for 1 minute.  Spread the mix on a belt and dip in a calcium chloride bath (~6% calcium chloride solution) until the product has gelled.  Cut to shape and fill into olives.

Recipe Formulation

Pimiento purée10