Low fat frankfurters

Frankfurters can be made from pork, chicken, turkey, pork and beef or combinations of different meats. Meat analogue frankfurters are also available commercially.

CyberColloids has access to pilot plant equipment (mincer, bowl chopper, sausage filler smoking chamber and fermentation chamber) if you require our expertise to make frankfurters with lower cost or added value, please contact us.

Recipe Procedure

The meat and the fat are minced to 10mm. The bowl chopper is cooled with ice. The meat, half the ice, salt, nitrite and phosphate are added and mixed.  Then the meat fat is added and mixed followed by the addition and mixing of all the rest of the ingredients.  The sausage meat is stuffed into casings and allowed to stand at 4°C for 1 hour.  The frankfurters are then cooked and smoked.

Recipe Formulation

Pork (meat and fat)60
Skimmed milk powder2
Onion powder0.5
Sodium ascorbate0.05
Sodium tripolyphosphates0.25
Sodium lactate and diacetate1.5
Sodium nitrite0.003