Frozen Yogurt

In general, frozen yogurt contains less fat and more sugar and protein than ice-cream. Also an emulsifier is not always needed.

Due to lack of legislation for the production of frozen yogurt, there are three different ways of making it:

  1. Freezing and whipping yogurt
  2. Making an ice-cream style mix and lowering the pH with citric acid. This is then whipped and frozen.
  3. Combing yogurt and an ice-cream style mix which is then frozen and whipped. The ratio’s of these 2 components vary considerably and it is up to the individual manufacturer.

CyberColloids are highly experienced in formulating frozen yogurt recipes for clients (in particular added value and cost savings). We have the option of making yogurts on a small scale (1.5L of mix) using a batch pastueriser and batch freezer (Taylor) or large scale using HTST pasteurisation and a continuous freezer.  Please contact us for further information.

Recipe Procedure

Mix the dry ingredients into the cream and water.  Pasteurise, homogenise and cool to <20°C.  Add the yogurt and stir until homogeneous followed by ageing overnight.  Stir the mix and add to the ice-cream maker.  Freeze to -7°C or until the desired viscosity is reached and adjust the overrun.  Draw samples from the freezer and package.  Harden in a blast freezer at -35°C and store at -20°C or colder.

Recipe Formulation

This is a recipe which combines yogurt with a ice-cream style mix.

Fat free yogurt40
Skimmed milk powder10