E 403 Ammonium alginate – EU specification

COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 231/2012 of 9 March 2012




Chemical name: Ammonium salt of alginic acid

Chemical formula: (C 6 H 11 NO 6 ) n

Molecular weight: 10 000-600 000 (typical average)

Assay: Yields, on the anhydrous basis, not less than 18 % and not more than 21 % of carbon dioxide corresponding to not less than 88,7 % and not more than 103,6 % ammonium alginate (calculated on an equivalent weight basis of 217)


White to yellowish fibrous or granular powder


Test for ammonium: Passes test

Test for alginic acid: Passes test


Loss on drying: Not more than 15 % (105 °C, 4 hours)

Sulphated ash: Not more than 7 % on the dried basis

Water insoluble matter: Not more than 2 % on the anhydrous basis

Formaldehyde: Not more than 50 mg/kg

Arsenic: Not more than 3 mg/kg

Lead: Not more than 2 mg/kg

Mercury: Not more than 1 mg/kg

Cadmium: Not more than 1 mg/kg

Microbiological criteria

Total plate count: Not more than 5 000 colonies per gram

Yeast and moulds: Not more than 500 colonies per gram

Escherichia coli: Absent in 5 g

Salmonella spp.: Absent in 10 g