Engaging CyberColloids

Typically companies engage CyberColloids on either a project-by-project basis or a longer retainer-type of relationship.

With a project-by-project relationship, projects tend to be shorter term and with clients who want answers to short term questions such as reviewing market for potential competitor products or defining technical properties for example in rheological terms. Projects typically have:

  • a defined beginning and end
  • a defined milestones and goals from the beginning
  • clear costs and deliverables

Longer term relationship clients (retainer-type) are typically those who are embarking on a new area or an area slightly different from their current business. In these cases CyberColloids offers access to complete hydrocolloid expertise both business and technical where CyberColloids can become involved in strategic planning within the client company if necessary. The program can have an open ended timeframe or have defined timeframe ie two years with project handover and training of client personnel to carry on the work in-house. Projects typically have:

  • a longer term relationship
  • evolving milestones and goals depending on clients needs
  • significant reduction in labour costs compared to short term relationship
  • defined relationship with guaranteed resources