Research & innovation

Looking beyond the basics of hydrocolloid functionality and texture, CyberColloids have established a successful research & innovation platform

The focus of this platform is finding innovative or value added uses for raw materials & processing waste and the development of innovative processing methodologies for products with targeted functionality and/or health & wellness application.  We have worked on a range of interesting biomass resources from plants including fruits, vegetables, cereals and seeds and also seaweeds.  Our success, we believe, is the result of being firmly rooted in the commercial world whilst maintaining a strong commitment to providing innovative solutions for the commercialisation of science.


We are a recognised research provider at an EU level and have successfully participated in a number of projects.  At the moment we have two EU funded research projects with a seaweed focus, Minerva and SeaHealth. In recent years we have workded on several projects eg: SeaRefinery – developing new technologies for the extraction and valorisation of high value products from brown seaweeds and Protein2Food – evaluating new plant derived protein ingredients for use in healthy foods. 

"Seaweed for Health" is a key focus, with recent projects focussing on the development of low molecular weight fibres for digestive health (HYFFI),  bioactive rich extracts with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential (SWAFAX), anticancer potential (FUSION II) and naturally flavoursome extracts for salt reduction (TASTE).  For more detail of HYFFI and SWAFAX projects see Ramnani 2011Baldrick 2012, Corona 2011, Corona 2012. The document "Seaweed research at CyberColloids" gives an overview of CyberColloids seaweed related activities & services and a list of our relevant publications. 

As experts in hydrocolloid chemistry and food applications research, we have participated in research projects with a focus on developing healthy ingredients and better quality products, including gluten free bread & pasta products (GLUTENFREE) and meat analogues (LIKEMEAT).  We also have a particular interest in developing new food fibres with texture functionality.  In a recent Irish funded project, we successfully developed food fibres from carrot and potato processing waste. See the document "Introduction to CyberColloids Food Fibres Research" for a wider description of our research & services in this area and a list of our relevant publications.

Technology surveys

We can also carry out literature, marketing or industry surveys on any hydrocolloid, market segment or technology.  Check out our news and information sections for information on hydrocolloid technology.

CyberColloids offers a complete research service, from basic research, through product development, to final application testing.  For more information on any of our services please contact us to discuss.