Process development & implementation

CyberColloids experts have a history of product development and implementation.

Process development

A process can be developed from gram stage to full scale industrial processing. Many projects start as a research idea and during the project a process is developed. Processes are typically developed at a laboratory scale and then implemented at pilot scale before full scale industrial processing.

Process implementation

Cybercolloids can help you design, build and commission new units for the cost effective processing of hydrocolloids from raw materials such as seaweeds and plants through to food grade or technical specification products.

Identifying partners

Toll manufacturing or outsourcing production has been very successfully employed in the electronics and pharmaceutical industry for a number of years and gives rise to new opportunities for start up businesses with spare capacity.  Not everyone has to own all the assets they utilise. With this approach it is possible to increase capacity via a low risk, no capital route.  CyberColloids can assist in identifying manufacturing and business partners thereby linking companies with individual needs.