Hydrocolloid functionality

An important part of commercialising products is having an understanding of a products behaviour and its properties.

Behavioural studies become a reference point for companies and can be used in deciding which potential market segments to pursue and which application areas to further examine.


New or existing hydrocolloids or materials with water binding potential can be assessed for their basic rheological properties. These properties can include dissolution, solution and structuring properties including the impact of influences such as salts, sugar, temperature, pH etc.

Sourcing and assessment

We also offer raw material sourcing and assessment, where a company is not confident of a particular raw material or doesn't have the knowledge or equipment to assess it properly.  CyberColloids works closely with clients to address their specific needs.

Detailed functional understanding is often complimented by carrying out compositional analysis.  CyberColloids can carry out specialised analysis in-house, such as molecular weight, and organise analysis to be carried out externally (as appropriate) with a view to providing clients with a fundamental understanding of their products properties and potential.

Literature surveys

As part of any project literature and patent searches can be carried out where CyberColloids will review the scientific literature and patents and comment on information relevant to a particular project.

Other services

Many projects carried out by CyberColloids utilise several of the other services we offer including end application assessment, processing, business development.  Read more here…

CyberColloids has many years of polysaccharide expertise providing innovative technical and business solutions for suppliers, processors, users of hydrocolloids/food gums and for companies with novel products or waste materials with water structuring potential.  If you would like to know more please contact us.