Food & non-food application assessment

CyberColloids delivers solutions in a variety of food formulations such as dairy, meat, savoury and bakery, and non-food applications for example air freshener gels, pet food, toiletries, culture media, ceramic beads and horticultural extracts.

Studies can be single or multi-application at laboratory or pilot scale (specific applications). Typically CyberColloids can help with product positioning within the market and verification of functionality in application along with finding solutions for customer application problems. Some examples of food application projects include: improving laminated dough fluffiness with modified guars, making creamy 3% fat mayonnaise with novel fibres and restructured meats/fruits with a unique gelling fruit and vegetable fibre from waste streams.  See "CyberColloids Food Applications" presentation for an overview of our capabilities in food systems.


CyberColloids has many years experience in meat processing and has acccess to a wide range of meat processing equipment (including pilot scale) through an agreement with a local university (University College Cork). We have worked extensively in restructured hams and sausages, mayonnaise and cooking sauces, dressings, processed cheese, cheese analogues and many other food products.


CyberColloids has extensive experience in ice cream including product formulation, low fat products, heat shock studies, ice crystal growth analysis and basic sensory analysis. We have wide experience in testing the effect of stabilisers on ice cream pre mix stability and serum separation. CyberColloids has access to ice cream pilot plant facilities through our agreement with University College Cork (UCC) and we have made and packed bulk lots of ice cream for clients to run long term storage stability trials. CyberColloids has experience in fermented dairy products such as yoghurt and cream cheese. We have also worked with creams, processed cheese and cheese analogues.


CyberColloids has worked on various aspects of bakery including puff pastry at a pilot level using a sheeter to prepare the pastry and commercial type ovens followed by texture analysis and shelf life stability trials. We have also worked on high fibre bread, muffins, gluten free bread formulations and brioche including a large FP7 European project on gluten free products.


Our experience in confectionery is largely connected with fruit preparations where we measure flow properties of the fruit preparation and assess its rheological characteristics. We have also worked on the texture modification of agar based high solids confectionery and the shelf life stability of icing and frosting formulations.


CyberColloids has worked in the areas of emulsion stability, beverage opacity and foam stability. We have expertise in the areas of dairy beverages, spray dried dairy powders, beer finings and foam stabilisation.


CyberColloids has experience over the years in many other applications both food and non-food. If you have any queries about a specific application please contact us to discuss.