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World Seaweed Resources DVD

The long awaited World Seaweed Resources DVD has been launched and certainly surpasses my expectations. I was expecting a series of authoritative articles presented on a DVD as a cheaper method of delivery than printing a paper copy; authoritative but a little dusty. What a surprise I was in for.

The DVD is jammed full of high quality pdf articles, videos and photographs. I was surprised at the amount and quality of the multimedia content. And the biggest shock of all; the price. A mere £24.95. Its excellent, a potentially great training resource for new recruits in hydrocolloid companies who need to know where carrageenan and alginate actually come from. Its also useful for people who should know where carrageenan and alginate come from but for some reason have never left their cosy laboratory to find out. If you are involved in anyway with seaweeds go and buy a few copies today and pass them around.

A big thanks thanks to Degussa for sponsoring the bulk of the effort and to the dozens of contributors.

Alan Critchley, one of the main editors, sent me the following details:

The interactive multimedia DVD-ROM was compiled over a three year period and incorporates the expertise of almost 150 authorities from all over the world. The extensive information is organised in to a number of categories covering cultivation, farming, utilisation, worldwide resources, socio-economics, recent developments in ecology, and applied phycology. The subjects are covered in detail and include vivid examples ranging from food and cosmetics to medicine, with examples from major production centres worldwide, including practical aspects of modern farming. The information is enriched by numerous high quality pictures and exclusive video footage. Extensive web reference links are provided to help locate additional information.

This unique electronic reference system is the first in this field and holds more information than could ever be published in a book. World Seaweed Resources will enthuse the user and provide insight and practical, easily accessible hands-on information. The user-friendly nature of this DVD-ROM makes it ideal for teaching or self-study. It can be used as a stand-alone resource or to complement text books. The works should be available to marine biologists in general and to workers in the seaweed farming community and industrial users of raw material in particular, and it should certainly be in the personal library of all phycologists, whether professional or student.

It can be ordered on-line or with an order form that can be downloaded and then faxed, e-mailed or posted to ETI Information Services. The price is 21.23 GBP without Value Added Tax (i.e. outside the EU) or 24.95 GBP including VAT in the EU. Postage and packing is an additional 3.00 GBP. SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase World Seaweed Resources together with Cultivation and Farming of Marine Plants and save. The two can be purchased together for 34 GBP ex VAT or 39.95 GBP incl. VAT.