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Honduras drainage project is completed

In 2013 CyberColloids along with some clients funded a drainage project in Comayagua, Honduras, where poor drainage in La Roca de Salvación Student Centre was causing waterbourne diseases due to stagnant water.  The project is now complete and has been a fantastic success.

According to Project Director of La Roca de Salvación Student Centre, Gustavo Alexis Velásquez Bonilla the project has been extremely beneficial on a number of fronts. 

"We can now benefit from the space that used to get flooded and we get to give classes to children there. The drainage system has improved the children’s emotional development because they have more opportunity to play. The drainage system has also helped to improve the children’s health, as they used to get sick from the dirty water as well as from the bites of mosquitoes breeding in the stagnant water."

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