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Functionalised Fibres - Market Report


A Review of Functionalised Fibres for the Food Industry 2019

New report put together by CyberColloids. For further information contact
The report is structured around the following key aspects of functionalised fibres and their use in food:
  • Background – definitions – what are functionalised fibres? How are they produced? What constitutes functional? regulatory considerations (Sections 1-3);
  • Market overview - key drivers, pricing and market examples, including a technical benchmarking study of selected commercial products (Sections 4 & 5);
  • Application and product innovation – where and how functionalised fibres are used, including examples of new product development in the global market (section 6);
  • Future opportunities – the potential for new fibres and waste streams and an overview of how CyberColloids would approach new fibre ingredient development (Section 7).