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CyberColloids new research on Irish vegetable processing waste

CyberColloids is to start new research on the upgrade of processing waste from the Irish vegetable processing industry

CyberColloids has recently been awarded funding under the EPA Green Enterprise Scheme to investigate the potential to upgrade potato and carrot processing waste into added-value by-products for the food industry, namely new vegetable fibres for use as texture ingredients.

Reduction of food loss and waste is a core priority for Europe under the Europe 2020 Strategy and Ireland is committed to upholding this strategy. Food loss and waste is also shown to contribute significantly to unnecessary waste of other vital resources (including water, land, energy, labour, capital) and to global warming/climate change through the generation of needless greenhouse gas emissions.

Ireland alone generates significant volumes of processing waste from potato and carrot. Currently this material is misconceived as being of “zero-value” and is causing a waste burden to the industry. CyberColloids see things differently. The company has sufficient know-how to provide a value added solution, to remove the waste burden, to establish this “waste” as a new “resource” and to generate new food texture ingredients for rapidly growing global food markets.

The project kicks-off in January 2015.