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CyberColloids respond with compassion in Honduras

La Roca de Salvacion Student Centre, Comayagua, Honduras has faced significant challenges of late as a result of poor drainage and stagnant water.  In the equatorial climate, stagnant water can quickly become hazardous.  Acting as a breeding ground for mosquitoes which transmit diseases like dengue fever and malaria, the water also incubates many kinds of bacteria and parasites.  CyberColloids along with some clients are funding a project to solve this problem which will allow 231 registered children at the centre to develop their outside curricular activities in a much healthier environment.

Honduras is the largest coffee growing country in Central America.  In 1998 Hurricane Mitch destroyed about 70 per cent of the country's crops and 60 per cent of the country's infrastructure.  Poverty has led to thousands of children living on the streets.  Compassion's work in Honduras began in 1974.  Currently, more than 46,300 children participaten in over 200 child development centres.