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CP Kelco announce the closure of Knowsley xanthan facility

CP Kelco have announced the closure of their Knowsley xanthan facility. The factory has had a mixed history, originally built by Tate & Lyle and then sold to Kelco. The factory was exepcted to close recently but was reprieved as a source of GM free xanthan not available in most US fermentation systems. However with the increase in GM free xanthan from China the Knowsley facility is no longer essential to the CP Kelco portfolio.

The announcement reads:

CP Kelco announced to the employees of their CP Kelco plant in Knowsley, UK, their intention to close the site. The facility produces Xanthan Gum. In keeping with UK law, CP Kelco invited union and employee representatives to the table with management to begin a dialogue and share information on this facility. Employees at the Knowsley site have been made aware of these talks and continue to safely operate the plant to the highest standards to meet customer needs. CP Kelco remains committed to providing its customers with Xanthan Gum, which remains an essential part of its product portfolio.

CONTACT: CP Kelco Ed Gallagher, +1 678 247 7353 Business Director - Biogums