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Standard ice cream

A standard grade ice cream formulation with good melt down resistance and heat shock stability.  The LBG and fat are the two main ingredients which increase the melting and heat shock resistance of the ice-cream. The carrageenan helps prevent serum separation of the ice-cream mix (during ageing) which occurs when LBG is used.

Recipe Procedure

Add all ingredients to cold water and heat with stirring to 85C. While heating separately melt butter fat. Batch pasteurise for 30 minutes at 75C. Two stage homogenise hot at 150bar and 50 bar. Cool to 5C. Age for 4 hours minimum. Freeze in a continuous freezer set to 100% overrun. Blast freeze to -30C. Store overnight at -30C. Store at -18C.

Recipe Formulation

Skimmed milk powder12
Butter fat8
Glucose syrup3
Mono/di glyceride emulsifier0.3
Locust Bean Gum (Carob)0.15
Vanilla Flavour0.1
Kappa carrageenan0.02