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Hydrocolloid manufacturers


Products: cassia tora, guar, tamarind
Trades: guar, sesbania, cassia, tamarind, CMC, xanthan, carrageenan and pectin.


Products: agar,chitosan
Marine Hydrocolloids (formerly Marine Chemicals) produces agar for food, bacteriological & pharmaceutical applications. In 1997 Meron Biopolymers was established to develop Chitin and Chitosan.

Chitosan - http://...

Products: cellulosics 
Their products are sold under the tradenames: Neocel, Comprecel, Disolcel


Products: agar, carrageenan, depolymerised alginate, partially hydrolysed guar gum

Founded as Myeong Shin Chemical Ind Co Ltd in 1974 which changed its name to MSC Co Ltd in 1997

Products: Pectin

Obipektin is now owned by Naturex

In December, 2011 Naturex announced that it had reached agreement to aquire the Polish company, Pektowin which specialises in apple and citrus pectins along with fruit and vegetable juice concentrates


Naturex manufactures and markets natural ingredients for the food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. Based in Avignon, the group employs 600 staff and over 90% of its sales are overseas. Naturex has production units in France, Morocco, the United States and...