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Introduction to Carrageenan

Welcome to the first in a series of presentations on food hydrocolloids. This presentation is focussed on Carrageenan and has been designed to give a brief overview of Carrageenan from sources to uses. This 68 slide presentation (with speaker notes) is intended to be a general introduction to carrageenan covering the following areas;

  1. General introduction to hydrocolloids (markets & functions)
  2. Carrageenan – uses & functionality (why & where is carrageenan used?)
  3. Where does carrageenan come from? (seaweed sources & families)
  4. General information on properties (types of carrageenan, properties of kappa, iota, lambda, structure)
  5. How is carrageenan produced/processed? (alcohol & KCl processing, semirefined processing, heterogeneous process)
  6. How to purchase, manufacturers & background (the last 40 years, purchasing and legal specifications, typical pricing & manufacturers)
  7. Market & application information (carrageenan food market, application recipes & market examples (meat, ice cream, chocolate milk, dairydesserts, dessert jellies))
  8. References
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