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Dr Zoraida DeFreitas

Dr. DeFreitas is an accomplished business executive with 18+ years of experience providing strategic and technical leadership to the food ingredient and dietary supplement industries. She has a Ph.D. in Food Science & Human Nutrition and Animal Science and an M.S. in Food Technology, both from Iowa State University. She is involved in providing product innovation and commercialization expertise to the nutraceutical industry. Previously, she was Vice President of Research and Development at Kemin Health. Her major accomplishments at Kemin were her contributions to growing the FloraGLO® Lutein business to a global market share of 70-80 % and developing a new market category for lutein. Before, she managed the Product and Process Development hydrocolloid group of Quest International in the USA. Dr. DeFreitas has six issued patents and chaired the Senior Scientific Advisory Council of the Council for Responsible Nutrition for 3 years.

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