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Dr Weiping Wang

Before studying gum chemistry at Edinburgh University, Scotland, Weiping obtained his masters degree at a top Chinese university in food technology followed by another three years experience in food industrial research projects.

Weiping gained his PhD on gum chemistry at Edinburgh University in 1992.  Before going back to China, Weiping had worked for a UK based hydrocolloids company for 10 ten years on gum applications and for developing the Chinese market.   He took a position at Fuzhou University, China, to establish a hydrocolloids research and industrial cooperation group.  A few years later Weiping with other friends formed the Andi-Johnson group, which covers the importation of various gums into China, as well as producing carrageenan, agar and konjac at difference sites in China.  Dr Wang is also a visiting professor at Jiangnan University, cooperating with new bio gums development and applications.  He is co-author of three hydrocolloids handbooks and more than 30 research and review papers in international journals.  Currently Dr Wang is Director of the Andi-Johnson Group and is responsible for business development of carrageenan, agar, konjac and the importation of other gums into the Chinese market.