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Dr Sarah Hotchkiss

Prior to joining CyberColloids in 2006, Sarah's research interests primarily focussed on the biology and ecology of marine macroalgae. Since joining the company she has managed a number of in house and collaborative projects including EU funded FP7 research involving Irish and UK universities and SMEs. From 2006-2008 she acted as the contact point for the ISIO (Irish Seaweed Industry Organisation) and was actively involved in promoting the industry and encouraging the development of seaweed focussed projects - as a consequence she has developed strong links with seaweed harvesters and processors across Ireland, Europe and globally.

Sarah has a particular interest in edible seaweeds and their potential as a source of interesting bioactive components for health, nutrition and flavour.  Recent research projects have focussed on the use of seaweed for health and nutrition and as a raw material for the horticulture and animal feed industries. In all cases there has been a strong emphasis on finding novel or value added uses for a material that is currently undervalued. She is currently working on a number of projects with Scottish, Spanish and Irish seaweed companies.