CP Kelco

Products: carrageenan, cellulosics, gellan, pectin, xanthan, systems 

Their products are sold under the tradenames: Keltrol, Kelzan, Xantural, Kelgum, Keldent, Kelflo, Xanvis for xanthan. Kelcogel and Gelrite for gellan gum. Genulacta, Genugel, Genuplus and Genuvisco for carrageenans. Cekol, Finnfix, Celpol for CMC. Genu and Slendid for pectin. Simplesse for microparticulated protein. 

CP Kelco is the global leader in the hydrocolloids (thickeners and stabilizers) market, with leading positions in xanthan gum and pectin, a strong position in carrageenan, and the only producer of gellan gum and welan gum. Hydrocolloids are used to stabilize, suspend, thicken, gel, and form films. CP Kelco is also a leading producer and marketer of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), the most widely used cellulose ether in the world. CMC is used in a variety of consumer and industrial products, including pharmaceuticals.

In 2005 Noviant becomes part of CPKelco

In 2006 CP Kelco acquired Shandong Gold Millet Biological Products Company, one of the many xanthan producers in China.

CP Kelco announces pectin capacity expansion May 2012

CP Kelco announces global price increases July 2010

CP Kelco announces pectin expansion July 2010

CP Kelco anounce the closure of Knowsley xanthan facility September 2007

CP Kelco announces global price increases October 2006

CP Kelco announces expansion June 2006

CP Kelco acquires Gold Millet March 2006

CP Kelco