Cargill Food Ingredients

Products: alginate, carrageenan, guar, locust bean gum, pectin, xanthan
Their products are sold under the tradenames: satialgine, cecalgum, algogel, satiagel, satiagum, aubygel, unipectine, satiaxans, verxan

Cargill Texturizing Solutions manufactures a broad range of hydrocolloids such as alginates, biopolymers (xanthan gum and scleroglucan), carrageenans, galactomannans (locust bean gum and guar gum), pectins and starch. This impressive portfollio came together following acquisitions of companies such as Citrico, Cerestar and Degussa

Degussa deal finally sealed with Cargill September 2005

Cargill seals the deal to acquire Citrico May 2005