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Hydrocolloid manufacturers


Products: gum arabic, agar
Their products are sold under the tradenames: Quick gum, Quick fibre, Bio-agar

Alfred L. Wolff, was acquired by Norevo GmbH in February, 2010

NOREVO GmbH is a worldwide supplier of natural raw materials and specialty ingredients including:

Products: alginate, chitosan salts, ultra pure grades of hyaluronic acid (ex Kikkoman Biochemifa Company (KBC), formerly Kibun Foodchemifa)

Their products are sold under the tradenames: PRONOVA (sodium alginate) and PROTOSAN (Chitosan salts)

PRONOVATM sodium alginate and...

Products: Unmodified and modified hyaluronic acid.

Products: Pectin

In December, 2011 Naturex announced that it had reached agreement to aquire the Polish company, Pektowin which specialises in apple and citrus pectins along with fruit and vegetable juice concentrates


Products: Cellulosics, Sodium carboxymethylcellulose

Products: guar, locust bean gum, tara, alginate, starch, tamarind
Their products are sold under the tradenames: Polygum, Polygel

Products: guar
Polypro International, Inc. was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1982 to distribute guar gum worldwide.

Products: guar, cassia tora, gum ghatti, karaya, tamarind kernel powder, psyllium husk