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Our associate members

Dr Zoraida DeFreitas

Dr. DeFreitas is an accomplished business executive with 18+ years of experience providing strategic and technical leadership to the food... More about Dr Zoraida DeFreitas

Dr Ian Cottrell

Dr. Cottrell began his career as a guar chemist, focusing on the development of hydroxyalkyl guar, cationic guar and guar double – derivatives for... More about Dr Ian Cottrell

Dr Joseph Michael Cleary

Scientist with extensive technical experience in fermentation, molecular genetics and metabolic engineering, developing polysaccharide and... More about Dr Joseph Michael Cleary

Dr Paul Sandford

Paul is a recognized worldwide authority on polysaccharides and is editor of the peer reviewed journal "Carbohydrate Polymers". Paul has worked in... More about Dr Paul Sandford

Dr Peter F Cooke

Peter gained his PhD at Nottingham University in 1975 before moving into the chemical industry. He was involved in research and development for 7... More about Dr Peter F Cooke

Dr Ralph Moorhouse

Ralph has worked for many leading hydrocolloid companies including Kelco, Rhône–Poulenc and Unilever. He has substantial experience in xanthan,... More about Dr Ralph Moorhouse

Dr Sean Tuohy

Sean Tuohy graduated from University College Cork with BSc and MSc degrees in Dairy & Food Science and holds a PhD from the National... More about Dr Sean Tuohy

Dr Weiping Wang

Before studying gum chemistry at Edinburgh University, Scotland, Weiping obtained his masters degree at a top Chinese university in food... More about Dr Weiping Wang

Mike Finney

Mike earned degree in Chemistry at the University of Tennessee and holds 3 application patents utilizing hydrocolloids in textiles and cosmetics.... More about Mike Finney

Mike Marrs

With a background in polymer science, Mike has spent 35 years working with food hydrocolloids, researching their contribution to food... More about Mike Marrs

Professor E R Morris

Professor Morris has worked extensively on the use of natural polymers to generate and control the texture of manufactured food products. He is... More about Professor E R Morris