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Meet the team

Ross Campbell

Ross earned a BSc in Chemistry with Management Science. He has been involved in Research, Product and Business Development of polymers for last 24... More about Ross Campbell


Dr Kevin Philp

Kevin did his PhD on the chemistry of alginate and then worked for seven years on cellulosics R & D focusing mainly on HPMC structure and... More about Dr Kevin Philp


Dr Angie Trius

Angie is a doctor in veterinary medicine and obtained a Masters degree in Meat Science at Iowa State University (1994). Simultaneously she worked... More about Dr Angie Trius

Dr Mariel Brooks

Mariel obtained her first degree in Chemistry from Galway in 1990. At the same University she studied for her Ph.D. in the area of carbohydrate... More about Dr Mariel Brooks

Dr Sarah Hotchkiss

Prior to joining CyberColloids in 2006, Sarah's research interests primarily focussed on the biology and ecology of marine macroalgae. Since... More about Dr Sarah Hotchkiss

Dr Jennifer Harrington

Jennifer joined CyberColloids in October 2007 after completing her PhD with Professor E.R Morris and Professor D. Mulvihill of UCC and Professor A... More about Dr Jennifer Harrington

Karen O Callaghan

Karen joined CyberColloids in 2016 after achieving her Ph.D. in Smart Packaging from University College Cork. Preceding this, she completed a B.Sc... More about Karen O Callaghan

Lisa Zychowski

Lisa graduated with her BSc in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2012. After spending some time... More about Lisa Zychowski

Dr Naritchaya Potes

Naritchaya joined CyberColloids in 2017. She graduated with an M.Sc. in Food Science from Kasetsart University and a B.Sc. in Food... More about Dr Naritchaya Potes